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Why Winter Is the Best Time to Banish Varicose Veins With Sclerotherapy

If you have noticeable veins in your legs, you’re probably most comfortable with your clothing choices in the winter months. Wearing pants covers your legs, keeping your veins hidden. 

But imagine if you could show off vein-free legs by this summer. You could … if you choose sclerotherapy leg vein treatment now. 

That’s why Edward H. Stolar, MD, and Todd E. Perkins, MD, offer this treatment from the comfort of our office in Washington, DC. Here at Metroderm DC, we offer targeted treatment to help you get clear, vein-free skin. 

Understanding varicose veins and their treatment

Two types of visible veins can affect you. The first is spider veins, which are small veins in a network that sort of resembles a spider’s web; hence, the name. These veins usually appear red or purple and are most common on your legs and face.

While spider veins are unwelcome, they’re not as noticeable as the other type of visible vein: varicose veins. These veins develop when blood flows backward in the vein, causing it to enlarge. That’s why you see these dark-colored veins bulge from your leg. 

While spider veins affect the appearance of your skin, varicose veins can present both cosmetic and medical issues. You could develop achy legs, itching, or even a burning sensation. 

Ultimately, if you’re living with varicose veins, you want a way to get rid of them. Sclerotherapy may be the answer for you, and it also works for spider veins.

During sclerotherapy, we inject a specialized solution into the affected vein that causes it to collapse. Your body reroutes the blood to healthy blood vessels and absorbs the vein over time, causing it to fade from view. 

Sclerotherapy works to eliminate problem veins at any time of year, but winter is ideal. Here’s why.

Choosing sclerotherapy during the winter

When you get sclerotherapy now, while the weather is cold, you get a few benefits:

More comfort in compression stockings

After sclerotherapy, you need may need to wear compression stockings. These help your circulation, encouraging your body to reroute your blood to other veins. 

Essentially long, thick socks, compression stockings are both warm and highly visible. During the winter, you might not mind the extra layer, and you can conceal these less-than-stylish stockings under pants. 

Avoid skin discoloration

After sclerotherapy, sun exposure can sometimes cause hyperpigmentation, or brown spots, on your skin. But if you get this treatment during the winter, it’s easy to keep your legs protected from the sun. 

Enjoy your results by summer

While sclerotherapy is extremely effective, it doesn’t work right away. It takes time for your body to absorb the vein so it becomes invisible on your skin. By choosing sclerotherapy now, you give your body time to complete the process before you wear shorts this summer. 

If you’re curious about sclerotherapy for varicose veins or spider veins, don’t hesitate to ask our team at Metroderm DC about it. Contact our office today.

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