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Why Venus Viva™ Is the Hottest Rejuvenation Solution

Why Venus Viva™ Is the Hottest Rejuvenation Solution

No matter how well you care for your skin, eventually years of environmental exposures, poor diet, stress, and other issues are going to take their toll. Before you know it, your skin looks dull, worn out, and older than you want. That’s when skin rejuvenation can help.

More than a million Americans opt for cosmetic skin rejuvenation treatments each year, looking to undo some of the damage that becomes more visible as you age. 

While there are lots of options for skin rejuvenation, Venus Viva™ is designed to work on multiple aesthetic issues, which means you can get smoother, clearer, more beautiful skin with just one system.

At Metroderm DC: Medical, Laser, and Aesthetic Dermatology Center, our team uses the state-of-the-art Venus Viva system to help women and men throughout the Washington, DC, area feel more confident about their skin. Here’s how resurfacing with Venus Viva can help you.

How skin rejuvenation works

Aging, sun exposure, skin disorders, and even your genes can take a toll on your skin over time. Before you know it, your once-dewy, youthful complexion looks dull, aged, and worn out. 

The goal of skin rejuvenation is to turn back the clock and restore your skin, so it looks healthy, more youthful, and more vibrant.

Because skin changes can vary from one person to the next, ensure the treatment you choose is designed to treat multiple issues. Ideally, you want a rejuvenation treatment capable of treating issues such as:

We work closely with you to ensure your treatment plan is focused specifically on your unique goals. Venus Viva is completely customizable, making it the treatment of choice for many women and men. 

Venus Viva: One system, multiple benefits

Venus Viva is an advanced, nonsurgical skin rejuvenation system that uses measured bursts of radiofrequency energy to target damaged skin tissue at multiple depths. 

During each treatment session, the Venus Viva handpiece emits streams of focused radiofrequency energy to trigger natural healing responses deep inside your skin.

Focused RF energy and SmartScan™ technology eliminate damaged cells while promoting new cell growth. Plus, gentle heat stimulates collagen and elastin development to help your skin look and feel firmer and more resilient.

Treatment sessions take about half an hour or less. Most of our patients benefit from a series of three to four treatments spaced out over several weeks. Afterward, there’s no downtime,  just a little temporary redness that you can easily cover with makeup if you desire.

Restore your skin with Venus Viva

Your skin is subjected to a lot during your lifetime. Giving it the care and support it needs as you get older is one way to keep it looking and feeling its best. By treating multiple issues, Venus Viva helps our patients achieve their goals, no matter how varied they may be.

To learn more about Venus Viva and other skin rejuvenation options at our Washington, DC, practice, call us or request an appointment online today.

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