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Why Radiofrequency Is Quickly Becoming the Gold Standard for Skin Rejuvenation

Why Radiofrequency Is Quickly Becoming the Gold Standard for Skin Rejuvenation

There’s no doubt about it: Having beautiful, healthy skin is a big confidence booster. But with life come problems: sun exposure, stress, illness, skin diseases, and just plain aging. Over time, all of these factors can eventually take a toll on your skin. 

The good news: Today, radiofrequency (RF) treatments help women and men address multiple skin issues, with in-office therapies aimed at improving the way skin looks, feels, and responds. In fact, RF therapies are quickly becoming the gold standard for many skin-related concerns.

At Metroderm DC: Medical, Laser, and Aesthetic Dermatology Center, Edward Stolar, MD, and Todd Perkins, MD, use radiofrequency technology to tighten sagging skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite and fat, and treat wrinkles, acne scars, and sun damage

Here’s why these treatments are so popular.

RF: Gold standard for aesthetic treatments

Medical therapies are usually referred to as the “gold standard” when they’re the go-to or optimal option for treating specific issues. Radiofrequency is often the gold standard for aesthetic treatments for several reasons.

It’s safe

Radiofrequency aesthetic treatments have been around for some time now, which means they have an established safety profile. For most people, the only side effects are mild redness and swelling that subside a day or so after treatment.

It’s appropriate for all skin types

Laser and other light-based treatments must be used with caution (or not used at all) in people with darker skin to avoid the risk of pigmentation changes. We can use RF treatments safely and effectively regardless of skin tone or type.

It’s versatile

While most aesthetic treatments are designed for only one problem, radiofrequency has multiple uses. In fact, we frequently use RF treatments to:

We offer RF treatments for multiple issues, making it easy to get the results you’re looking for.

It’s cost-effective

You should consider any aesthetic treatment an investment in your appearance and your confidence. Still, RF treatments are far less costly than their surgical alternatives. 

It’s not invasive like surgery

Our RF treatments administer energy through your skin without the need for incisions or anesthesia. That means you can enjoy the benefits of the treatment without worrying about risks of infection or other complications associated with surgical procedures.

There’s no (or very little) downtime

Because it’s not an invasive procedure, RF treatments involve no or very little downtime. Once your treatment is complete, you can resume your regular activities either right away or very soon afterward, making RF a convenient option for even the busiest people.

Learn more about RF treatments

Radiofrequency treatments can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, so you look and feel your absolute best. To learn more, call our Washington, DC, center at 202-659-2223 or request an appointment online today. We also offer telehealth appointments.

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