What Laser Treatments Can Do for You

What Laser Treatments Can Do for You

A few decades ago, the only time you were likely to hear about lasers was in science fiction novels. Today, lasers are widely used for many applications, including medicine. 

In aesthetics, lasers have proven especially effective in helping patients achieve their goals without many of the downsides of invasive surgery. In fact, laser procedures are among the top five nonsurgical cosmetic treatments in the United States, with about 2 million treatments every year. 

At Metroderm DC: Medical, Laser, and Aesthetic Dermatology Center, our team, led by Edward H. Stolar, MD, and Todd E. Perkins, MD, use laser treatments to help patients feel and look their absolute best. 

Here are five ways laser treatments at our Washington, DC, practice could help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

1. Rejuvenate aging or damaged skin

Photoaging — that is, exposure to UV radiation — causes as much as 90% of the visible changes you see in your skin as you get older. That’s because UV rays penetrate the skin and damage its internal structure, including slowing down the production of protein fibers called collagen.

One of skin’s essential building blocks, collagen forms a supportive network that helps skin stay firm and resilient. When UV radiation breaks down those networks, your skin can start to sag and lose its natural firmness. At the same time, UV radiation from the sun or tanning beds make skin look duller and more worn out.

Lasers help reverse these signs by removing the damaged layers of skin, along with the aging-related changes you can see. Plus, they promote collagen development in the deeper layers of skin for skin that looks and feels firmer.

2. Smooth out lines and wrinkles

In addition to refreshing and rejuvenating skin’s tone and texture, lasers also combat lines and wrinkles. Once again, the process involves removing the upper layers of skin to reveal smoother, healthier skin underneath.

The targeted light energy from the laser heats up the deeper layers of tissue, triggering a natural healing process that ramps up collagen production. As your skin recovers, the collagen fibers tighten up skin and help reduce or even eliminate the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Get rid of hyperpigmentation

Whether you call them liver spots, sun spots, or age spots, most of us have unwanted areas of pigmentation on our skin, upper chest, or even our hands — areas that have the most exposure to the sun. 

Cumulative sun exposure causes skin pigment cells to clump together, forming dark spots.

Lasers are an excellent choice for fading these spots by increasing skin turnover and eliminating the upper layers of skin where the clumps of pigment are found. The lasers we use can be effective in getting rid of spots on your face and other areas of your body.

4. Improve skin texture

Sun exposure, age-related skin changes, illness, stress, and even your genes can play a role in your skin texture. Facials can help improve the way your face looks and feels, but their effects only go so far.

Lasers work on texture problems by getting rid of damaged skin and promoting the development of new, healthy, smooth skin. Plus, they’re a good choice for reducing the size of enlarged, noticeable pores.

5. Remove unwanted hair

A luscious head of hair may be considered sexy, but unwanted hair on your arms, back, legs, or other areas is decidedly not attractive. Yes, you can shave, tweeze, and wax over and over again. Or you can opt for laser hair removal.

During laser hair removal, targeted laser energy heats up hair follicles, causing a controlled type of damage that prevents them from producing hair. We can treat most areas of your body, leaving you with sleek, sexy skin without all the hassle and hard work.

Learn more about lasers

At MetroDerm DC, we use state-of-the-art lasers featuring the most advanced technology, including the CoolPeel® laser system, which results in less redness and a faster recovery time. 

We customize every treatment for the best results based on your goals, your skin type, and your condition.

To learn more about lasers and how they can help your skin, call us at 202-659-2223 or request an appointment online today at Metroderm DC in Washington, DC.

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