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Rejuvenate Your Skin With CoolPeel®

Rejuvenate Your Skin With CoolPeel®

Your complexion is one of the first features people notice, so it makes sense you’d like it to always look its best. As you age, fine lines, rough texture, age spots, and sun damage take their toll, leaving skin looking tired, worn, and older. 

CO2 laser treatments can help with these issues, but they also come with a lot of downtime, which means they’re not a good choice for everyone. 

Enter CoolPeel®, an innovative laser skin resurfacing treatment that yields many of the same benefits as traditional laser treatments, but without the prolonged downtime.

Women and men in the Washington, DC, area can enjoy the benefits of CoolPeel treatment at Metroderm DC: Medical, Laser, and Aesthetic Dermatology Center, a leading dermatology practice that specializes in custom, patient-centered solutions. 

Edward H. Stolar, MD, and Todd E. Perkins, MD, are skilled in the innovative CoolPeel technology, tailoring every treatment to each individual’s goals.

If you’re bothered by age-related changes in your complexion, here’s how CoolPeel can help.

How CoolPeel works

Much of the damage you see in your complexion — fine lines, texture changes, dark spots — happens in the upper layers of your skin. Gently removing that upper layer not only reveals the smoother, healthier layers underneath, but it also stimulates your skin’s natural healing and rejuvenation processes.

For years, CO2 lasers have been recognized as among the most effective tools for rejuvenating age- and sun-damaged skin. But although they’re effective, they also require a lot of recovery time afterward, which means they’re not always the most convenient option.

CoolPeel taps into the benefits of CO2 lasers, but avoids extensive downtime by treating the upper layers of tissue, allowing those damaged layers to slough off without involving a prolonged healing period. 

That’s because CoolPeel uses less heat combined than traditional CO2 lasers, and it delivers the heat using pulse technology, so skin is exposed to less heat throughout the duration of treatment. 

Because we restrict heat delivery to the upper, damaged layers of skin, you can enjoy the same type of benefits — a smoother, healthier complexion — without weeks of peeling and redness that can accompany a traditional CO2 laser treatment. Plus, less intense heat means the risk of hyperpigmentation is reduced, and the result appears more consistent.

What to expect during — and after — CoolPeel

Your CoolPeel session begins with a gentle cleansing of your skin to remove oil and other debris. Since CoolPeel uses less heat than a traditional laser, there’s no need for local anesthetics. 

But if your skin is very sensitive, we may apply a topical numbing agent to keep you comfortable.

During your treatment, the special handpiece emits steady pulses of laser energy directly to your skin, penetrating below the surface to create controlled damage that promotes skin sloughing and turnover. 

Most sessions take 15-30 minutes, depending on whether you have your full face treated or just specific areas. 

CoolPeel can be a great option for concerns like:

Plus, it’s gentle enough to use on most skin types.

After your treatment, you can expect minor redness for a day or two — similar to a minor sunburn. Your skin will probably feel dry while it heals, so keeping it hydrated and following your aftercare instructions is important. 

While you’ll see a benefit after a single treatment, many of our patients opt for 2-3 treatments for maximum effect.

Learn more about CoolPeel

If you want to rejuvenate aging, sun-damaged skin, but you don’t want the downtime associated with a traditional CO2 laser treatment, CoolPeel could be just what you’re looking for. 

To learn more about how CoolPeel can help your skin look and feel its best, call us at 202-659-2223 or book an appointment online at Metroderm DC today.

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