Botox vs. Daxxify: Which Is Right for Me?

 Botox vs. Daxxify: Which Is Right for Me?

For many people, Botox® has become synonymous with wrinkle reduction, working to smooth out lines and folds that form after years of facial expressions. But in recent years, competition has emerged, including an innovative contender called Daxxify®.

As a leading skin care practice in Washington, DC, Metroderm DC: Medical, Laser, and Aesthetic Dermatology Center offers both Botox and Daxxify, giving patients a wider choice to help them achieve their specific goals. In this post, our board-certified dermatologists compare these two agents to help you decide which is better for your needs.

Botox vs. Daxxify: How they compare

Botox and Daxxify are both neuromodulating agents, meaning they work on the nerves that control certain muscle movements. 

When injected into specific facial muscles, neuromodulator agents block nerve signals that tell the muscle to contract. No contractions means the muscles don’t tug on your skin and cause lines and wrinkles.

Both agents also contain botulinum toxin A as a primary ingredient (the ingredient that directly works on your nerves). 

But while Botox also relies on a protein called human serum albumin for its formulation, Daxxify doesn’t contain any human or animal products. Instead, it uses peptides — short chains of amino acids, the building blocks of protein.

These peptides bind to nerves more effectively, helping Daxxify last longer than Botox — about twice as long or longer in some people. And, like Botox, Daxxify can treat other issues, too, like chronic neck spasms (cervical dystonia). 

Selecting the right agent

The biggest difference — and potential advantage — of Daxxify is that it lasts longer than Botox. That means fewer touch-up visits to maintain results. Of course, it also means you have to wait longer for results to soften if you’re not completely satisfied with your treatment.

Botox also has a longer history in terms of treating facial wrinkles and other problems. In fact, Botox received Food and Drug Administration approval for wrinkle treatment back in 2002, a full 20 years before Daxxify achieved the same milestone.

Finally, although Daxxify requires fewer touch-up treatments, those treatments are more costly than Botox, so fewer office visits doesn’t necessarily mean cost savings. It does mean fewer needles, though, something most people appreciate.

Bottom line: Both agents help relax dynamic facial wrinkles that form as a result of expressions and movement. The ultimate decision of which agent to use comes down to your own preferences and our recommendation.

Help your skin look its youthful best

If you’re ready to say goodbye to your facial lines and wrinkles, we can help. To learn more about these agents and other wrinkle-fighting treatments, call us at 202-659-2223 or book an appointment online with our team at Metroderm DC today.

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